Wondering if there is any available support for a business coming to Kentville?

The Town has put together a comprehensive brochure which covers just about every question you might have.  It’s jam-full of facts and suggestions and offers detailed guidance for ways to make your Kentville business flourish!

How To Grow A Business

For more information, contact

The KBC Executive Director ~ Zach Best



Three Top Reasons For Choosing Kentville: 

  1. Taxes:  Everyone has to pay them, but in Kentville we are committed to keeping the commercial rates competitively low.  Since 2012, Kentville has steadily reduced the commercial tax rate each year.  Currently Kentville has the 5th lowest commercial rate in Nova Scotia.
  2. Service delivery: Kentville prides itself on providing top notch service delivery to both the residential and commercial zones.  Kentville benefits from a 24/7 dedicated police service with a 3 minute average call out time.  The Town manages its own Public Works department, water commission staff, and fleet of equipment allowing us to excel in the areas of snow clearing and maintenance, and the delivery of water and sewer services.
  3. Support: Kentville makes resources available to businesses and provides a robust variety of opportunities for free and subsidized promotion of your business.  We work hard to put our community in front of as many people as possible and are constantly growing our presence online.  We attract thousands of visitors through tourism initiatives and special event hosting.  The Town also runs subsidized joint advertising campaigns for businesses every year both in print and on radio with various local media companies.  Kentville believes in celebrating the successes of its businesses and telling the world how great they are.