KBC ~ Events

“2nd Annual Multicultural Fair”

“Ongoing Sidewalk Sales”

The KBC ~ Events Committee has a mandate to both create and promote events which will further enhance a positive public awareness of Kentville and which will benefit all businesses in the Downtown KBC district.  The Events Committee is funded by KBC.

“The 1st Annual Classic Car Show”

For promotional purposes, event information is solicited from the Committee members, the Town of Kentville, as well as downtown businesses and organizations.  The Committee is also active all year round creating “KBC” events.


In the past year the KBC ~ Events Committee has been involved with: Mother’s Day Event; Sidewalk Sales; Bike and Skateboarding Event; The Multicultural Fair; The Classic Car Show; The Harvest Festival; The Pumpkin Walk; Christmas Shop-To-Win; Business Christmas Decorating Contest … and more.