Kentville’s Signage Bylaws

August 23, 2018

The Kentville Business Community represents the collective interests of the businesses in Kentville, and the Town as a whole, by working to ensure economic growth and prosperity to all.  Over the past two weeks one of our local businesses was asked to remove 3 of their signs that were deemed illegal under the Kentville signage bylaws.  Though we understand the frustration in this situation, and the difficulty of ensuring businesses “stand out” in today’s market, KBC would like to thank Light Touch Laser for removing these signs.

Kentville’s signage bylaws ensure every business has an equal opportunity to promote their business/brand in Kentville, without the worry of being overrun by displays from another.  The Town must work to apply these bylaws fairly and consistently to all but does not specifically look for reasons to disallow signage or discourage business in any way.  We stand behind Light Touch Laser in their need to promote their business, but also stand behind the Towns decision in this situation.  For our business community to thrive, all businesses must work together and share the common goals of economic prosperity not just for one’s self, but for the community as a whole.  KBC will be working with the town going forward to review existing bylaws and ensure they are current and jointly represent the wishes of both KBC and the town as a whole.

Kentville is thriving.  Over the past year and a half over 20 new businesses have opened their doors, with more on the way.  Kentville has never had a stronger more vocal business community than it does today which is part of what makes our town so strong and attracts business from all over.  Every business knows that if they have something to say, they will be heard.  KBC encourages any business with a grievance or suggestion to stand up and bring it to attention, but in doing so must keep in mind how you present it can affect other businesses as well.

KBC believes in a cooperative community.  One that works together with all stakeholders including the public and the Town itself.  Real positive change only comes from positive actions.  While negativity can draw attention to an issue, in the end it only brings about more negativity.  We implore any business with an issue to come to us and allow us to help turn any obstacle into an opportunity.

One of KBC’s most important roles is to objectively look at situations as they arise and take action when need be to ensure the continued prosperity of the town which we are all a part of.  We want to thank every business, business owner, employee, and resident that calls Kentville their home, as well as every consumer who enjoys what Kentville has to offer.  We are all in this together.


Kentville Business Community Board of Directors