Join us March 28th from 7-9pm for THE HUDDLE.
Kentville Community Room – Calkin Building – 38 Cornwallis St.

KBC is excited to be partnering with the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre to bring THE HUDDLE to Kentville!

Imagine a room buzzing with entrepreneurs, passionate changemakers, and new business owners like yourself.
A space where creativity comes alive and innovation happens.
Where you can ask questions and get support.
Where ideas bounce off the wall and projects become clear action plans.

This event will bring together entrepreneurs, business leaders & changemakers. Up to 5 people will have the chance to ask the group a question or pose a challenge and get real-time input, ideas & support.

This could be…
– a business idea you want some feedback on.
– a wicked challenge in your existing business you need to solve.
– a social impact project you want to start.
– an entrepreneurial opportunity you are pursuing

If you are interested in taking part, click the link below for more details and registration.


Event Details & Registration