The Facade Program

The Downtown Kentville Facade Program

The Downtown Kentville Facade Program is a joint endeavour between KDCL and the Town of Kentville with the goal of re-designing and upgrading downtown business facades to bring renewed vibrancy to the downtown and reflect the town’s brand project, “A Breath of Fresh Air”.

In May 2016, an RFP was sent out and KDCL determined that “Ekistics” – a Dartmouth design firm – would be handling all aspects of the delivery of the program.  The program will cost share 50% of the exterior facade improvements up to a maximum share of $5,000.  The Facade Program is also very specific to businesses within a proposed boundary in the downtown area.

“Before” and “After” the Facade Program ~ 381 Main Street

If you are interested in learning more about the Facade Program please click on the Facade Program Manual link.  If you wish to apply for Phase Three of the program, the application form and pertinent information are at the back of the manual.

Facade Program Manual

(Application Form)

(Contractor Quotation Form)

Phase Three Begins … March 1, 2018

Application Submission Deadline … June 1, 2018

Work Completion Deadline … October 31, 2018


For more information, contact

The KBC Business Development Officer ~ Zachary Best