The Nova Scotia Government has set a goal to be fully accessible by 2030 under the Accessibility Act, passed April 27, 2017.

Portrait of an employee of the Shanty Café in Yarmouth who is featured as a Change Maker.
The Shanty Café is a Social Enterprise. The parent company is the Yarmouth Association for Community Residential Options (YACRO).
The mandate is to provide meaningful employment to individuals who face barriers to employment as a result of disability, mental illness, age, language, literacy, etc.
photo: Len Wagg 2016

To help meet this goal, the Nova Scotia Government has introduced a Business ACCESS-Ability Grant Program through which businesses can apply for a cost-shared grant to make accessibility related improvements.  Improvements can be for clients and customers, for employees, or both.

There are Five Categories of funding:


Removing physical barriers for persons to access business services, by installing ramps, accessible washrooms, door openers, and other projects.


Ensuring that all customers, clients, and employees can access information related to a business.


Ensuring that employees and consumers who are persons with disabilities have the devices they need to effectively do their jobs and access places of business.


Training in the field of Universal Design, both for technical services professionals and for persons with disabilities wishing to better understand its value.


Providing support for businesses to improve access to transportation services.


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