Portrait of an employee of the Shanty Café in Yarmouth. Photo Credit: Len Wagg 2016

The Nova Scotia Government has set a goal to be fully accessible by 2030 under the Accessibility Act, passed April 27, 2017

To help meet this goal, the Nova Scotia Government has introduced a Business ACCESS-Ability Grant Program through which businesses can apply for a cost-shared grant to make accessibility related improvements.  Improvements can be for clients and customers, for employees, or both.

There are Five Categories of funding:

  • BUILT ENVIRONMENT: Removing physical barriers for persons to access business services, by installing ramps, accessible washrooms, door openers, and other projects.
  • ACCESSIBLE COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES: Ensuring that all customers, clients, and employees can access information related to a business.
  • ASSISTIVE DEVICES: Ensuring that employees and consumers who are persons with disabilities have the devices they need to effectively do their jobs and access places of business
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN CAPACITY BUILDING: Training in the field of Universal Design, both for technical services professionals and for persons with disabilities wishing to better understand its value.
  • ACCESSIBLE TRANSPORTATION: Providing support for businesses to improve access to transportation services.

Further Reading:

For more information visit: https://cch.novascotia.ca/business-access-ability-grant-program

Presentation from KBC’s Lunch & Learn in April 2024 can be found here.

Information on building inclusive environments: https://hirefortalent.ca/toolkit

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Business ACCESS-Ability Grant
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