~ Why Choose Kentville ~

Kentville ranks among the top 7 places in ALL OF CANADA to start-up a new business!

With all its opportunities for recreation and culture, not only is Kentville an amazing place to live, but The Canadian Federation of Independent Business ranked it as 7th in the nation and #1 in Atlantic Canada when it comes to doing business.


As the largest town in the Annapolis Valley, Kentville serves as the centre for legal, professional, financial, government and health services.  It has the highest capita ratio of professionals than anywhere else in Canada.  As well, the Town offers nearly a dozen choices when it comes to eating, unique services to make your business and personal life run smoother, and over twenty retail stores with everything from fresh flowers, to mountain bikes, to children’s toys, to high-end women’s fashions, to home decor … and much much more.

Kentville has its own convenient police department and fire department, popular live theatre, weekly farm market, gorgeous library, and one of the major hospitals outside of Halifax.  It also boasts a wide range of exciting events during the year, such as KBC’s own annual Multicultural Fair – now the biggest of its kind in the Province.


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