Vision: Kentville is the vibrant, diverse business and professional centre of the Valley.

Mission: KBC works to create a community which is supportive and welcoming to current and future businesses, professionals, and organizations, and to attract people to shop, use services, and spend time in Kentville.

History: The Kentville Business Community (KBC) was originally incorporated as the Kentville Development Corporation Limited in 1980 and reactivated in 2013 and renamed Kentville Business Community in 2019. KBC is incorporated as a non-profit, and exists to represent the collective interests of Kentville’s businesses and organizations.

Purpose: KBC is a non-profit organization governed by a board of directors drawn directly from the business community. It works with and for the business community, acting in both an economic development role as well as an advocacy role. It is the mandate of KBC to help support, promote, and grow the Kentville business community.

Strategic Pillars:

Marketing & Promotions: Promote shopping, using services, and doing business in Kentville.


Engagement & Communication: Act as a conduit of information and engage businesses and organizations in events, activities, and projects.


Infrastructure & Investment: Advocate for and assist with development and beautification efforts.


Support & Recognition: Support the growth and synergy of businesses and organizations, and celebrate successes.



Further Reading:

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