We are accepting applications from food vendors, art vendors, and marketplace vendors! To apply, please read through the vendor policies, and then fill the application form on the last page. Click here to download the application form.

Return the application form to kentvillemulticulturalfestival@gmail.com


Contact kentvillemulticulturalfestival@gmail.com to volunteer!


The Kentville Multicultural Festival is a family-friendly annual event that celebrates the region’s cultural diversity and promotes social inclusion.


  • Promote and foster understanding of the diversity within Kings County and throughout the province;
  • Create an environment where all cultural groups in Kings County can celebrate and preserve their traditions;
  • Increase awareness of the cultural organizations in Kings County and throughout the province;
  • Promote tolerance and social inclusion as a core value in the Town of Kentville.


In 2015, The Kentville Business Community was approached by a recent immigrant, Lynn Jin. She felt that Kentville needed to do a better job at celebrating the town’s diversity. Thus, a one-day Multicultural event was created.

The first event took place in Kentville’s Fire Hall at the end of summer. Hundreds of residents attended, so the following year was brought outdoors to the town’s Centre Square.

Now attended by over a thousand people, Kentville’s Multicultural Festival takes place in August each year and is organized by a diverse volunteer planning committee over the course of 9 months. The event include performances, demonstrations, children’s programming, international food vendors, a marketplace, and more!