With over 35 vendors and delicious food dishes representing countries from around the world, KDCL’s 2nd Annual Multicultural Fair was a rip-roaring success.

KDCL board member Frances Schagen, one of the organizers, said there were many cultures represented at the fair.

“When Kentville did some branding work over the last couple of years, what we heard from the citizens is that they wanted diversity in our community, so this is a way for us to show that there is a lot of diversity here,” she said.

Schagen said the KDCL also recognizes that these types of festivals are economic drivers. When people are looking for a place to move or live, they’re looking for a sense of community spirit and events they can be part of.

“We know that it’s really important to attract people here as entrepreneurs, as workers and as customers for our local businesses,” Schagen said.

(Image: Kelly Westhaver)

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