With only a few hours notice, the Town of Kentville was informed of the Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival board’s decision to move the Grand Street Parade from Kentville to New Minas.

(From the Local Xpress)

Dave Reid, the chairman of the Kentville Development Corporation’s Merchants Group Committee, said the move was disappointing.

“I’m still digesting it,” he said.

Reid said the parade has been held in the town for at least the past 40 years, and while he remembers it being held elsewhere, “the ability to hold the parade and the logistics behind it are a little bit too much for some smaller communities. New Minas might be able to handle it, but there’s a question of no public parking. If they fill Walmart’s parking lot, are they going to like that?”

The festival started in Kentville before becoming a Valley-wide event and holding it in the community has become a tradition, he said.

“If there’s a valid reason to change something, then I’m all for it,” Reid said. “But if it’s just change for the sake of change, I’m not that certain that it’s a great idea.”

He wished the parade success, but like (Mayor) Snow, he feels the move will be a blow for some Kentville businesses. While his jewelry store gained exposure but no increased sales on parade day, Reid said the Saturday of the festival was like Christmas for places like pubs and cafes.