FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, May 16 2016

RE: Kentville Downtown Façade Program

KENTVILLE, NOVA SCOTIA – The Kentville Development Corporation Ltd. (KDCL) has awarded the contract for the Kentville Downtown Building Façade Program. The Program is a joint endeavor between KDCL and the Town of Kentville with the goal of re-designing and upgrading downtown
business facades to bring renewed vibrancy to the downtown and reflect the town’s newly completed brand project, “A Breath of Fresh Air”. KDCL used five very specific criteria to measure each submitted proposal and is excited to announce that “Ekistics” – a Dartmouth design firm – has been selected to handle all aspects of the delivery of the program. The Kentville Downtown Building Façade Program will be carried out in two phases, beginning with design and planning, to start immediately. The second phase will encompass execution of the building façade plans.

KDCL President Catherine Savage says, “the rejuvenation of our downtown core has taken another huge step forward, and we’re very excited
to have the Ekistics team on board to help us in reaching our goal.” She is hopeful that the program will change a perception that Kentville is no longer as vibrant as it once was. “We really think this investment will significantly impact the look of the Town, and make a great first impression for visitors
and potential new businesses. Kentville has a lot to offer, and we’re excited to help send that message visually through the Downtown Façade Program.”

For further information, please contact:
Catherine Savage, KDCL Board President