Colour schemes, awnings, and types of windows could be changing at 70% of town’s businesses

By Pam Berman, CBC News Posted: Apr 09, 2016


A small Nova Scotia town will launch a beautification program this summer for its downtown.

“It’s to attract other businesses to come within the town of Kentville,” said Catherine Savage, president of Kentville’s development corporation.

The corporation put out a call for a consultant to come up with a design and a theme for a building facade program.

There about 50 businesses in the town centre and 35 of them, 70 per cent, have indicated they would be interested in taking part.

“It’ll be very standardized in terms of colour schemes, awnings, the types of windows,” said Savage.

Savage points out that Kentville has recently adopted a new brand entitled “Kentville: A breath of fresh air” and the facade program will complement it.

The development corporation and the town of Kentville have about $100,000 to help business owners with their facade projects.

They expect to share the costs for about a dozen projects in 2016.


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